Welcome to Bizarre Big Apple

Well, if you found your way over to this blog post, then it is probably a safe assumption there is something about New York City that fascinates you.  And this isn’t hard to comprehend:  with 5 expansive boroughs, millions of residents and many more tourists, an abundance of iconic American history, and just about every ethnic culture one could fathom, New York has a ton to offer.

But enough about all that crap.

This blog isn’t about historical lessons, or attempting to aid you in seeing the classic sites on your “First Visit to New York”.  This is a journey down the most warped and unorthodox aspects of New York City.  To put it bluntly, this is a tour of New York for weirdos by a weirdo.

I have loved New York for as long as I’ve known it existed.  This blog is not designed to denigrate or slander these unconventional aspects of the city.  Instead, this is a blog that will be revealing just how eclectic and varied the city is, and doing so in a way that admittedly does lampoon it at times, but also celebrates it.  I hope you have as much fun reading about these escapades as I had experiencing them!


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